Hook & Book provides professional repo services in South Carolina & Georgia!

Hook & Book can accept your assignments through Ibeam

We work CARS orders

Hook & Book Services are Enhanced through Update: by VArepo!

Our Services Are Undeniable

Hook & Book can accept and manage your assignments through iRepo!

We work iRepo orders

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Our Updates are:

100% Professional & High-Detail

Backed by 2 walls of GPS


Our Clients Can:

Use our Assignment Management Portal

Interact with our Live, Repo Group Map!

Receive Real-Time Assignment Emails!

ManageEditReview Existing Orders!

Add New Orders!

Repo Specific Insurance:

Protection is as important as education!

Our actions don’t leave you liable!

Accord Form is available upon request.

Hook & Book provides repo services in SC and GA!

Hook & Book specializes in the following collateral types:

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